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There are many affordable psychic lines that offer a 24-hour prediction service and there are many where you can undoubtedly find the cheapest psychic readings online. But other than good value for money, what else can you expect from the psychic lines?

Psychic Services

Lots of services offer a range of different psychic assistance. Some callers prefer to work with readers who have particular skills. Here is a sample of the kinds of services available:

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Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are very popular. This method of divination is very traditional and often associated with Gypsy readers. With a tarot reading you can ask a main question and the reader will shuffle and draw cards for you. The reading will be based on the chosen cards and the natural psychic gifts of the reader.

Tea Leaf Readings

Tea leaf readings are also a very traditional method of divination. Readers will ask you what it is you want to know and then drink the tea on your behalf. At the end of the cup they swirl the dregs of the tea and leaves around the cup, think of your question and your highest good and then tip out the tea that’s still in the cup. The pattern of tea leaves that is left in the cup is what the diviners use to answer your question.


Mediums are readers who are able to communicate with spirits. They are open to receiving messages from loved ones that are no longer here. This can be a great source of comfort to callers and this service is very popular.

Angel Cards

Angel cards are a very poplular and more modern form of psychic reading. Psychics use angel cards to help callers by getting them to pose questions. They channel readings from celestial beings who are always wise, kind and there to help. The cards provide a focal point from which to work and they provide gentle guidance.

Verifiable Readers

Readers all have online profiles where you can see the kind of readings they offer. You can also learn a little more about them too. Customers are able to give reviews of the readings they have had. This helps to keep the service verifiable. The service already provides you with an affordable UK psychic line but this extra review service allows you to try out a reader with confidence. It also means that you too can leave a review and this helps other callers too to find the right readers for them.

A Personal Service

All readers have a pass code that they use to identify themselves. If you have enjoyed a reading with a particular person you can ask for them again by using their individual pass code. Its then just a matter of seeing when they are available. 24 hour prediction services are often offered and there will always be someone there to talk to but, of course, readers all work at different times.

Amazing Value for Money (but you can see that that is not all!)

Its is true to say that at can get the cheapest psychic readings online. They are the number one affordable UK psychic line but as you can see from this blog post that is not the only benefit of visiting an online service.